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Yu Pin King

Honest Chinese flavours you can trust

Yu Pin King is your reliable partner when it comes to preparing Chinese meals. We promise honest, dependable quality for convenient and affordable food options.

With the NEW Yu Pin King, we are committed to put honest quality first in everything we do, through our “triple-promise served in every bite"-We promise great quality, thanks to our rigorous three steps to quality and safety controls-We promise great taste, that’s why all our products are taste-approved and endorsed before they go on the shelves -We promise great prices. Therefore, your family can always enjoy Yu Pin King products with peace of mind; from our Hom Mali Rice* sourced directly from Thailand, delicious BBQ buns without added preservatives, cooking aids that are vacuum-packed to preserve optimum taste, to quality ham slices that are made in Hong Kong.

*Jasmine 105 rice voted best-tasting rice in the 12th World Rice Conference.
Yu Pin King received brand new packaging, its range has improved recipes or has been evaluated, and we commit to rigorous quality and safety protocols.






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