Due to current situation in Hong Kong, Wellcome Delivers Team is running in full capacity on delivery arrangement, please read below procedures carefully before ordering:


Temporary delivery procedure

-           Wellcome Delivers Team will avoid entering customers’ places to minimize direct contact;

-           Our team members will inform customers of the delivery time by phone in advance, and will inform again by doorbell or phone upon arrival;

-           Deliveries will then be placed in front of customers’ doors where photos will be taken for confirmation as complete deliveries;

-           For the delivery orders to the building with latest confirmed case of coronavirus within 14 days, our team members will hand over the goods at the building lobby /designated locations instead.


Out of stock arrangement

-           Wellcome shall use reasonable endeavors to ensure products displayed on the website are in stock;

-           If from time to time the products in customers’ order become out of stock, Wellcome may offer alternative products to customers with similar price value and range;

-           Otherwise, the product will be deleted from customer's order and the bill will be adjusted accordingly


Thank you for all your kind understanding and continuous support.



Clarification Notice


It has come to our attention that there is an unofficial Wellcome market research activities through mobile messages.

Wellcome is concerned about the matter in which some customers have recently received an invitation through mobile messages inviting them to participate in a market research and redeem a Samsung mobile phone as prize upon completion.

We would like to clarify that such promotional activity and mobile messaging have not been organized or sent by Wellcome and that we have not authorized any third party organization to conduct the market research.

Customers please do not provide any of your personal information to the third party, if you have provided your information or received similar messages, please report the case to the police and aid for police investigation.

We will take all necessary actions including reporting to the police and we reserve our right to take further legal actions.



We will try our best to update this webpage with the most updated information. Thanks again for your continuous support.