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Yu Pin King

Yu Pin King

The expert in Chinese authentic cuisine

Introduced in 2006, the brand offers premium authentic Chinese food and ingredients with traditional Chinese elements incorporated into its packaging design as well as product range selection.

Yu Pin King first launched its cooking oil in the market and later added Thai rice and Chinese noodles to its product offering. In two years, it has extended its product range to sauces and canned seafood.

Currently, it offers a range of over 250 products including signature items such as top shell slice in abalone sauce, abalone, bird's nest, microwave rice boxes, dried food, frozen dim sum and etc. The brand provides a desirable and trustworthy choice for discerning consumers looking for high quality Chinese food ingredients.

First Choice

First Choice

Your First Choice

Wellcome established its international corporate brand, First Choice, in 1998, providing products of high quality that is comparable to international brands at attractive prices. Its superior and distinctive packaging design reinforces the brand image of "smart choice" for consumers.

The brand has grown to provide over 1,000 high quality and innovative products, sourced from around the world, to cater for your everyday needs. The extensive product range covers food and necessity items including groceries, canned food, fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen food, drinks, snacks and more.

First Choice keeps introducing new products to its range to offer customers greater choices and surprises.

No Frills


Surebuy is a corporate brand of Wellcome offering over 300 quality products for customers’ everyday selection. The brand adopts a clean and straightforward packaging design and is surely a choice for customers looking for value for money.

Surebuy offers a diverse range of products covering rice, snacks, canned seafood, frozen foods, pet food and, health and baby products.