Octopus Reward$ Scheme

How to earn Octopus Reward$ when purchasing online at Wellcome Delivers?

Wellcome Delivers allows you to collect Octopus Reward$ in 3 simple steps!

  1. Not a member of the Octopus Rewards programme yet? Please join now!
  2. Upon checkout, any Octopus Rewards member can earn Octopus Reward$ by simply entering your complete 8-digit Octopus Serial Number on the Octopus card/product. (Please note that we will ask for your Octopus number each time you shop in order to ensure the privacy of your number)
  3. Credit your earned Octopus Reward$ to your Octopus by simply tapping your card at any Octopus kiosk (7 days after your order has been delivered) in Wellcome, Market Place by Jasons or Jasons - Food & Living

Earning Octopus Reward$ at Wellcome Delivers could not get any easier!

The Rewards registration process needs to take 48 hours to complete.
Octopus Reward$ will be forfeited if not credited at a kiosk within 90 days (inclusive) from when the delivery is made.

(Click here for Octopus Rewards programme Terms & Conditions)




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